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When they have finished an activity, they lightly shade in the image and cannot complete that same activity until they have completed them all. This helps them remember what they have done so they don't keep repeating activities.

The Important Book by Margaret Wise is a great back-to-school book. I love making class books and this will be a great inspiration..

Awesome Apps for Daily 5 and link to first grade apps. I downloaded and ready to use in my classroom! There is one called scootpad that is for all levels. I recommend anyone get this one! It's FREE!!!

1st Grade ELA & Math Common Core COLOR CODED STANDARDS!!!! I knew this HAD to exist already!!!!! Printing one for each of us :) yay!!

The Best Way to Get Your Students to Write Great Paragraphs

A list of procedures that you want to be sure and teach your students before you start your guided small groups to insure that your Small groups will be effective, differentiated, and meaningful.