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Get Tangled in These Mythical God Family Trees

Stephen Fry Says That If There Is A God He Must Be "Utterly Evil"

he wanted to give us a choice... true love is where you do everything for the best of the person you love and God gave us that choice, we just abused his trust and broke his heart. IT IS TOTALLY UOR FAULT AND WE NEED TO ACCEPT THAT!!!!!

How An Atheist Answered Her Daughter's Question About God

How An Atheist Answered Her Daughter's Question About God @uhmanduhlynn thought you would enjoy this article.

My Interview With God

As a college student, I can confidently say that napping is something that most of our demographic does pretty well. Whether we're making up for an all-nighter or just catching up on snoozing during our free time, napping is a common college activity...

“God is not a magician, with a magic wand”: Pope Francis schools creationists

Dwindling In Unbelief: How many has God killed? (Complete list and estimated total)

We touched on this during our class. Conflicts have to happen in order for relationships to grow. Nobody agrees with someone on absolutely everything so I hope that after six weeks my floor feels comfortable expressing their opinion (to a certain extent).