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Vintage Photo Slide Journal (by thebiglittlelunch) A tiny photo slide journal using vintage photo slides, and mini blue graph paper pages. On the front slide of this particular book, theres tranquil ocean-and-beach-scene, and on the back, theres a medical slide of a pixelated brain.


段取り美人への第一歩♡バーチカル手帳の活用アイデア集 - Locari(ロカリ)

hand made books by stephanie devaux

animal printed journals

Binding tutorial Art Journal Part IV Very easy way to "tie" individual boards together into a book. Her concept of a mandala journal is beautiful.

Mini Turquois Leather Book

Mini Leather Books - Write a tiny book with quotes and wisdom, as a gift every year?

Dolly's dress pattern hand-bound notebook

Kate Bowles - Kate Bowles makes hand-bound notebooks and journals using recycled papers and fabrics, with a particular emphasis on revealing the sewing on the book spine.***M.MEDIA/SCRAPB. BOOKS-COPTIC,LONGSTITCH,LONGS. WITH LINK VAR.,ETC

hobonichi doodles (it's looking lovelee today)

hobonichi doodles

Triangle Accordion Book tutorial from" Creating Books & Boxes: Fun and Unique Approaches to Handmade Structures" by Benjamin D. Rinehart@ Emily Kimmey

matchbox books - Google Search