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I sacrificed a lot in the beginning to only realize it wasn't appreciated. To deal with bs from the situational singles and ex drama for much too long. And with all that it still hurts like no other and doesn't make me want you any less. Love sucks!!!

Don't be so quick to #judge me. You only see what I choose to show you.

Stop saying yes to everything and everyone. Stop agreeing with people just so you don't upset them. You're not a pushover. You were not put on this Earth to be stressed and miserable so others can be relaxed and happy (at your expense). Start protecting your time and your happiness. If others can't handle it, show them the door. Kick them out of your life and don't look back.

Seriously.... I just stuff it in my face with my eyes looking like I'm planing something evil...and no one knows about it... Shhh...

A job is a job. It's a way to pay for a living, but that's it. Don't let it define your happiness.

There comes a time when you just have to stop letting others who don't make you a priority control you, sometimes you just have to stop caring so much and put more focus on yourself and the people in your life who give you their all.

Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates turning 50; the best A-list Instagram pictures of the week

Quote: "And the princess lived happily ever after in her OWN big castle..." - Unknown