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Quorn mince cottage pie... can add peas, carrots, lentils, onion, celery, etc. with low sodium, gluten free beef stock.

This is a great snack or starter, served with crudités or warm flatbreads, or spooned into toasted pittas with salad and/or some shredded cold meat. Use whatever leftover roast roots are to hand, and if you have some roast onions or garlic, chuck those in too.

These spicy savoury pancakes made from chick pea (gram) flour hail from Gujarat in India. But a version of it with onions and tomatoes is also cooked in North India called Chilla.

Creamy and Crispy Scalloped Potatoes I "Excellent! A classic recipe that is sure to please. Baking at 400 gives you the crunchy top while the middle is creamy goodness."

With only five ingredients, this is an easy, quick and healthy pancake recipe, thanks to the sweet potato. A delicious option for a nutritious, easy and tasty breakfast! For more visit Redonline.co.uk

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