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How to Get Higher Leg Extensions

Pointe shoes are one of the most fascinating inventions to dancers and non-dancers alike. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how they should be properly worn or maintained. Whether you’re an actual student who is new to pointe, or you’re young at heart...

perfectiontales: rachardwolf: Session with Nardia of The Washington Ballet. Dancer: Nardia Boodoo Instagram: Narstarr Photographer: Rachard Wolf Instagram: RachardWolf

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Exercises to Strengthen Turnout Muscles for Ballet Dancers

Even when they are not on stage, you can tell trained ballet dancers by their turnout, the lateral rotation of the legs that causes their toes to point outward. While you can emulate turnout by manipulating your knees and ankles, this is not proper or healthy ballet technique. Correct turnout requires a combination of stretching and strengthening...