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Chop up some crayons. Bake in a heart mold for 15 minutes at 230. Make cute circular holders with the phrase: “Happy Valentines Day for ‘crayon’ out loud!” Secure cooled hea…

Equality for all. Kids that are in orphanages rarely get adopted and it's harder for them to get a family and home the older they get since most couples want babies, not older children. What's the difference if it's a gay or lesbian or straight couple trying to adopt kids into LOVING homes? Just ask a kid who's never had a family if it matters to them.

This stack of rainbow-edged books from Heart Home magazine makes us want to take a pack of highlighters to our own paperback collection. #DIY. Nx

DIY: Valentine's Day Rainbow Banner

Que efeito lindo! Que tal experimentar fazer esta guirlanda de corações de feltro? Parece bem fácil de fazer. Veja mais dicas bacanas para a sua festa nos nossos painéis aqui no Pinterest.