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1girl bike_shorts black_hair blonde_hair domino_mask fangs gradient_hair hat inkling jacket leather leather_jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer mask multicolored_hair open_mouth pointy_ears poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_eyes red_sclera splatoon standing tentacle_hair tentacles ultra_ball umbreon

4º 1girl: bike_shorts d blue_hair nubes domino_mask vestido highres colmillos sombrero Inkling máscara looking_at_viewer open_mouth pointy_ears sandalias cielo sonríe en solitario Hielo y Fuego yellow_eyes straw_hat vestido de verano tentacle_hair soda_can

>_< ahoge androgynous blue_eyes closed_eyes copyright_name grin halo highres hoodie inkling lenko paint_splatter pointy_ears purple_hair shoes short_hair short_sleeves shorts smile sneakers splatoon squid tentacle_hair water_gun wristband

1boy chikasame dark_skin dark_skinned_male fangs glasses inkling looking_at_viewer male_focus pov splatoon tentacle_hair