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Siempre tuve la pasión por hacer todo mi trabajo con técnicas tradicionales, pero hoy en día, con todas las herramientas que podemos aprovechar sería justo darle una oportunidad a las nuevas técnicas y hacer un trabajo diferente en cierto sentido.

Black Crow - Linoleum Block Printed & Hand Bound Notebook

Black Crow reflection Journal....LOVE!!!! "I made my illustration from one of my photos that I took when I was at sea side in Istanbul. The illustration was hand printed with linoleum block printing technique." by lindanihan

Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement

The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen. Ive looked at this as Jon Klassen is a favourite children's book illustrator of mine, his work is child friendly but quite sophisticated in the overall look of the work he creates. In reference to the theme of my book being Pandoras Box, this book uses dark and light and the idea of fear in a child friendly way.

Through drawing on train tickes I wanted to connect the offical documention with the regular people I see on my commute to college.