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Possible names: Antonia, Camella, Daisy, Fani, Fleur, Flora, Fuchia, Ginata, Hazel, Gladi, Gul, Iris, Jui, Kalee, Kohia, Saika, Tansy, Vi,

Photo of Camellia - Spring Cardinal, zone 6 camellia, camella, camela, in crimson red color

Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, Small Leaf Tea - with a delicious and mild flavour. $15 (£9 approx.) for a 4-12" tall, 1 year grown plant in a 2qt pot.

Governor Mouton Camellia Japonica

Governor Mouton Variegated Camellia camellia japonica governor mouton The Governor Mouton Spring Blooming Camellia is an evergreen shrub with red and white variegated flowers that bloom in winter into