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i see the light and dark. i see the light in others when they only see the dark in themselves. i see and accept the dark in myself, and strive for healthier, when others run from the process. it's not easy, but God, keep working thru me. i got you, my G!

My terms is mine. Listen...its mine. Don't come to my space and tell me its wrong. NO! Don't you dare take control over me, you will fail. Im not below you nor above you, im near you. You.... You just can't see me clearly and im...im just a blurry image.

Hello lovely! I'm Catherine. My tumblr is a look into my life so...get to know me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you need advice or just someone to talk to message me! Im all ears :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beautiful People Visiting

not all people will dig your enthusiasm. but if you have it, keep it! shine it out there! i haven't yet figured out how being negative adds to the world, makes it kinder, gentler, more loving, happier ... carry on, passionate enthusiasts of this world!!

So true!! Women need to quit tearing eachother down, quit judging one another, stop the cattiness and just help eachother be strong, confident women. Be inspired by other women and their strenghts, not threatened by them or envious of them!

Mark Twain - I particularly like this quote in response to people saying things along the lines of "keeping it real" when one is simply being a humongous jerk, or accusing one of "being fake" because they aren't just mean to people when they dislike them.

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