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Precious Idiots | Nishinoya, Hinata, Tanaka | ...& Kageyama | Haikyuu!! | | (gif) MEAT GOD CHANT! !! GO WATCH THE EPISODE OF THE SECOND SEASON !!!

viria: “Because apparently Haikyuu!! and Hogwarts are things that are absolutely necessary to combine. I figured for now I’ll go only for senpais because the uni starts on monday again, and finishing...

• meme My art hq fan art Haikyuu!! AND 35 ADULT SUGA PLEASE it's like pokemon evolution but the only thing evolving is their hotness milkybreads •

Haikyuu!! Babies~ Art by: せつなの Translated & Typeset by: futaba-chi [Reprinted with artist’s permission. Please also view and bookmark the original piece! Thank you.]

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