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Fairytale inspired drawings by Jeremy Hush

The Morrígan ("phantom queen") In Irish mythology she is a goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, she also takes the forms of an eel, a wolf and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity comparable with the Germanic Valkyries. She is often depicted as a trio of goddesses, all sisters, although the triad varies; the most common combinations are Badb, Macha and Nemain. or Badb, Macha and Anand.

FIGURES OF NORSE MYTHOLOGY: VALKYRIES The Valkyries are beautiful young women, mounted upon winged horses and armed with helmets and spears. They scout battlefields, selecting the bravest of slain warriors and escorting them to Valhalla. In this immense, majestic hall, ruled by Odin, these warriors (the Einherjar) fight, feast, and prepare for the oncoming battle of Ragnarok. The Valkyries are also Odin's messengers.

In one Norse saga, Olof was the Queen of Saxland. Olof was both a warrior-queen and sorceress, and possibly a Valkyrie. Not only was she beautiful, she was very strong. But she was cruel and arrogant. She wanted no husband, least of all, Helgi, king of Denmark.

WRONG! The Valkyries work for the vanir godess Freyja, the half they chose are taken to Freyja's hall Sessrumnir. The other half does go to Valhalla but Odin has no power over the war angels.

charlesmmacaulay: “mythology meme: [4/4] locations ↳ valhalla “ In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the place where the souls of those who die in battle are gathered to await Ragnarök, the end of the world. Among them are all sorts of warriors, from...

Dark Beauty Rave

Modern Goddess: Photographer: SurenProPhotography Designer: Teodora Atanasov Teddy Jewelry: Artash Jewels Makeup/Body painter: Liz Gopwani Hair: Hair Styles Amy Model: Sami Goldsmith-Siever