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Mapping the Lands of the Renaissance Activity - Italian and Northern

Mapping the Lands of the Renaissance Activity (Part of my Geography IN History Series)This mapping activity guides students through mapping the physical features and significant places of the Renaissance by researching 15 different questions and topics on the region.

Interactive Notebook Unit with Flippables: Five Themes of Geography

FREE Guided Mapping Activity for the continents, oceans and key lines of latitude and longitude. See what my Guided Mapping Activities are all about!

Earth Science

Mexico - Central America, & Caribbean Islands Geography Tic-Tac-Trivia Board Game!This game is a great way for your students to learn important vocabulary centered around Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. The subjects covered include:Land BridgePeninsulaSierra MadreVaquerosThe OlmecsMayaHieroglyphicsAztecsHernan CortesHaciendesMiguel HidalgoThe Aztec CalendarPlazaAdobeTacos & EnchiladasFederal RepublicMigrant WorkerChiapasSmogThe Monroe DoctrineIsthmusCanopyEcotourists...

Black History Slavery Twelve Years a Slave

This product for Grades 7-10 includes 10 reading passages with vocabulary terms or words and an activity page for each passage. For each section there are 3 comprehension questions, a subjective question, a short excerpt from the book “Twelve Years a Slave”. These Discussion Points are there for you to use as discussion topics in class and they can be developed further as additional activities. A 5-page test, each page covering two narratives, is also included.

The Fault in Our Stars Novel Study Unit (includes EVERYTHING that you need!)

This comprehensive teaching package is sure to engage all learners in your class by the variety of questions, activities, and diversity of choices given for assignments and projects.

Bloom's Taxonomy Task Cards: Reading in the Social Studies

Looking for a way to challenge your students or to really model close reading? This task card set is exactly what you need. This set was created to be used with history articles or textbooks. After a student has done a first read of their text, they can delve in deeper with tasks and questions for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

#BESTOF2016SALE Google Classroom World Continents & United States Regions

Looking for paperless activities for your Google classroom? Wanting infuse digital lessons into your classroom? Whether you have a 1:1 classroom or you are just starting out, this digital product is perfect for all levels of learning. Use this with your smart board or for individual devices.

US History Topic Cards

U.S. History Topic Cards This U.S. History Topic Card Set covers the key topics studied in most U.S. History courses from Native Americans to Modern Day. Use this very comprehensive set as writing topic prompts, for year-end or testing review, or as discussion starters. Teacher suggestions are offered for implementation, including the creation of an Archaeology Dig for complete course review. Have students dig topic cards for pair/small group review using the provided SPRITE Organizer.

Age of Discovery and Exploration Readings & Dinner Party

Exploration and Discovery Explorers Readings and Dinner PartyThis wonderful interactive lesson plan on the Age of Discovery (or Age of Exploration) features 8 short readings on major figures of the period along with maps and pictures. This includes:1.