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"yes, poor little old you. there we were, discussing rape, violence against women, systemic oppression and other manifestations of sexism, and you had to jump in to remind us that “not all men” do these things. why don’t you really say what you want to say? “i have never raped/hit/assaulted a woman!” right? isn’t this what you really want to say? yes, make a discussion that is about the plight of millions of women about poor little old you. i mean, millions of women are being assaulted and…

This interesting, thoughtful dissection of the modern digital economy and its shortcomings starts off with a clarion call. Rushkoff, a digital futurist turned critic, believes the speed and scale of digital commerce and corporate expansion since the 1990s is a "growth trap" that could "derail not only the innovative capacity of our industries, but also the sustainability of our entire society."

I have written in the past about the heterogeneity of what’s euphemistically called the ‘ruling elite’ or ‘superclass’. The point...

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The world is subtle... and that's why it's beautiful

The world is subtle... and that's why it's beautiful. Phil Plait. An argument for the political center. Amen.

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'Derailing my train of thought': book sculpture by Thomas Wightman...