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Speed Up Grading with Rubric Codes

Speed Up Grading With Rubric Codes - I love how everything is explained in a short video!

Successful Socratic Seminars: Help Students Prepare, Participate & Reflect on Classroom Discussions

Are you thinking about holding a socratic seminar in your classroom? Or maybe your last whole class discussion didn't work out so well? Read on for why fishbowl discussions are the way to go and how to help students prepare for, participate in, and reflect on class discussions.

Writers Workshop / Student Conferencing "Deli-Style" - Classroom Management

I’m a big fan of one-on-one conferencing with students as a way to connect with them and check for understanding. I use this “deli-style” format with students as a fun way to let them know it is their turn to conference with me. Each student is given a ticket (from 1 to how ever many students you have in class) at the beginning of class and meets me at the designated conference area in the room when they hear the “DING!” and their number appears on the projector screen. Kids love it!