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Windlass Metalworks specializes in metal fabrication services for both large and small runs. Our experienced team is here to meet any metal fabrication need.

Windlass metal fabrication facility is a one stop for all of custom fabrication requirements. Windlass Metalworks is a leading custom metal fabrication company specializing in machining, metal forming and welding, as well as for a variety of other metal fabrication processes.

Windlass Metalworks offers the finest custom metal fabrication services in Houston, Texas. We are fully qualified in designing, custom fabrication and assembly for the drilling and industrial processing industries.

Windlass Metalworks provides custom metal fabrication services, quick and reliable turnaround, quality equipment and unmatched customer service. Visit windlassmetalworks to get more information.

Windlass Metalworks provide the products and the solutions to meet your needs in the metal fabrication industry and also provides industrial contracting, and fabrication for construction projects, plant outages, and ongoing maintenance.

Windlass Metalworks is a full-service steel fabricator & custom job shop serving customers in a broad spectrum of industries. Contact us today for more information.

Windlass Metalworks has the newest equipment like a range of MIG/TIG welding and plasma machines, press breaks, iron workers, and plate rolls and can meet any and all requirements of metal fabrication. Visit our official website for any query.

Our qualified staff and equipment can handle your sheet metal fabrication needs in Houston, TX and the surrounding area as well as any other metal fabrication needs. Visit to get more information.

Do you know that it is important for metal cutting tools to be made from materials harder than the material which is going to be cut, as this ensures that the tool will withstand the heat generated during the metal cutting process. Learn more at