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These Maps Show Every Country’s Most Valuable Exports

This is a map that shows the most valuable resources that are exported from different countries. This gives kids a visual on different kinds of maps, as well as information on regions/countries.

This picture shows the social classes/structure of Mesopotamia, with Slaves at the bottom, farmers, scribes, and traders in the middle, and the Pharoah at the top.

Websites for teaching all aspects of social studies: history, culture, geography, economics. Apps, maps, references, videos, and more.

Economics is another class that I will probably end up teaching. This infographic would be great in a classroom to show students how valuable, or unvaluable in some countries, the U.S dollar is . It is a good compare and contrast infographic and easy to understand. This visual could work while teaching micro or macro economics. Micro because I could emphasize the U.S dollar. Macro with the comparisons of different countries.

A look at a variety of common items and how much they cost in the most expensive cities in the World. Just a big colourful table really. Sometimes you

Add to that school health care and lunch provided everyday, which covers about a third of the daily nutritional need. #Finland #child #poverty. Finland treats minors like people who deserve to be given a fair chance at life, imagine that.

Russian Revolution Lecture and Storyboard Activity (World History)

Russian Revolution Lecture and Storyboard Activity (World History) This power point presentation reviews the major events of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Students will take CLOZE notes on the left side and analyze photographs on the right on the corresponding lecture notes. Students will analyze primary sources about Lenin’s New Economic Policy.