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(open RP. Be one of those two guys. I am the girl. Romantic please) *I walked out of my room just wearing jeans, black shirt, black combat boots, and a black jacket. With my book in my hand. I had my hair down so it went to the middle of my back. I went down the stairs and I stopped and went a little pale when I saw them. I wasn't in my normal formal wear, so they never seen this side in me.*

Though not all girls like makeup and not all boys like gaming but it is true that I love mangaaa!!! And yes, I cry rainbows....

I looked at the red haired boy, he's a murderer. He tilts his head at me and smirks. "I think your gonna be my pet." He says pulling me to my feet and pats my head. Pet?! Oh great. I looked at him and he flashed me a grin. "They call me Red, what's yours?" He asks and I blink with shock but I nod. "Snow." I say, my hair was naturally Snow White, but my eyes were bright green. "Good." He says before he knocks me out and throws me over his shoulder. "No hard feelings, Snow."

Noragami: Review

I relate to this boy in so many ways. Well, other than the fact that I prefer guys over girls - but that isn't the point!

Makishima vs. Kogami If they were real people, men would shrivel up and die from the build up of unfulfilled sexual desire. In other words, dayum.

by 草食培根 Uta and his genderbend from Tokyo Ghoul..... is it weird that I would date uta no matter what gender | no I'm with you there