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Pearl necklace with rose silver zirconia ornaments, Rose silver, Fresh water pearl

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hamsa Necklace, Charm necklace, Ottoman jewelry, Hamsa Jewelry, Gift for Her

Onyx bracelet with quintet zirconia bronze pendant, Beaded bracelet , Matt black onyx bracelet

Macrame bracelet with matching silver plated evileye bracelet , Evil eye bracelet set, Evil eye Jewelry, Evil eye gift for girls

White Coral bracelet with zirconia pink sterling silver 925 strip, brides gift, womens jewelry, gift for her

Turquoise Beaded Bracelet with quintet zirconia sterling silver 925 strip

Jade Bracelet , gemstone, beaded bracelet, friendship bracelet, zirconia bracelet, womens jewelry

Jade Bracelet with Zirconia sterling silver 925 strip by CharmByIA, $35.00

Jade Bracelet with Zirconia Sterling silver 925 pendant

Coral bracelet with zirconia ornaments, White coral bracelet, Pink coral gemstone, Wedding gift, Coral Jewelry

Coral bracelet with zirconia ornaments White coral by CharmByIA, $40.00