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The Air Force's new top secret MEGA stealth plane is ALREADY flying

The Air Force’s new secret superspy plane, designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, is flying above Area 51 and 'will be ready for missions by

Good Guy Pope Clement VII…

POPE CELEMT VII: Pope Clement VII ascended to the papal throne in following Pope Leo X. He arose during troubled times and proved a moral man but a poor administrator, and his lack of political skill eventually led to the sack of Rome.

Disney used to be a scary place…

They look so creepy and i think i see fangs in the mouth so glad i was not alive to go there back in thoses days but it is kind of funny in a way there so skiny and now look at them there the fates charicters on disney next to special agint oso

31 Photos Of New York City In The Summer Of '69

The neverending candle…

Coiled Wax Candle Light up your home with these coiled wax candles that will burn for 144 hours and will auto-extinguish themselves – making them safer than your traditional candle where you have to worry about blowing them out when you aren’t at home.

Antique French music sheets, lot of 5 big pieces

Vintage French sheet music. Could there be anything more romantic?