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Nasturtium (genus Tropaeolum) - All parts of the members of this genus are edible except for the roots. The leaves and stems have a peppery flavor and may be used as a substitute for watercress. The beautiful yellow and orange flowers also have a peppery flavor and make an eye-catching addition to salads. They can also be finely chopped and used to flavor butter and sauces. The immature flower buds can be pickled and used like capers.

Lungwort Leaf, (Pulmonaria officinalis) Properties and Uses: Herb is an astringent, demulcent, emollient, and expectorant. Lungwort tea is used for diarrhea, hemorrhoids, respiratory problems, coughs, and hoarseness. Also has mildly diuretic properties. The decoction may be beneficial for mild lung problems. Externally the plant is used for all kinds of wounds

Yellow Thyme - This thyme plant is a fast grower, and its glowing, yellow-tinted leaves make an excellent border for a garden.

Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Use Dill’s seeds, flowers, and foliage to season foods. More easy-to-grow herbs:

Mint species-Mentha arvensis(Corn mint)& Mentha piperita(Peppermint)-Corn mint grew wild in Northern Africa.There is also evidence of Peppermint(which has been grown for a very long time in Egypt)-being used in very early times by ancient Egyptians.Today,Mint tea is a common refreshment in Egypt;it is also a commonly used spice/condiment /flavoring agent worldwide.The ancient Egyptian used mint medicinally much as it is used now-to soothe stomach ailments,to calm anxiety,& to treat colds(the…

How to Grow Cherry Trees in Pots

Oregano: rich in caffeic acid, quercitin, and rosmarinic acid all components that combat depression, fatigue, and anxiety

Geçtiğimiz hafta aynısafa bitkisinin çayından ve bu çayın faydalarından bahsetmiştim. Buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Bu hafta bu mucizeler yar...

Top 10 Organic Homemade Weed Killers

Weeds - they are our gardens’ worst enemies! How many different ways have you tried to get rid of them? Pulling, using round-up or other store bought solutions. Now you must be aware that all this store bought weed killers are full with toxic chemicals and harmful not only for your plants bit for the environment too. This is why making a natural, homemade weedkiller is the perfect and smart thing to do. You will be surprised to see how useful, practical, safe and budget friendly can homemade…