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The Data Protocol

How to use an Arduino to read the signal from a set of digital callipers and send the reading over USB. Why? This might be useful for accurate position sensing in home made / hacked computer aided manufacture systems. Adds USB functionality to your callipers. A great reference on reading digital callipers can be found at: What this instructable adds to the shumatech tutorial is: How to use an Arduino to read the callipers (using very few…

This video covers the basics of linear voltage regulators - what they do, how to wire them up, and where to find them. Then I give a basic example of how to build a 5V supply that can be used to power USB powered gadgets. Don't forget to subscribe! This video builds on material covered in my tutorial on building unregulated power supplies: h...

Arduino Code

Reading Digital Callipers with an Arduino / USB

Researchers are currently developing a chair that the user will be able to control with movements of their face. -Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Reading Digital Callipers with an Arduino / USB


The Arduino community has created a wide variety of modules and shields that can enhance your projects. Here’s the ultimate collection of 21 Arduino Modules that you can get for less than $2 …