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Wendy W. sent in three photos. Here is #2: These are what I saw in South Africa - Marakele National Park being with Nature and the Divine – oh so love the sense of humour reminds me not to take life so serious …1 – I see an ape shape man looking from the left with a freakish Einsteinish hairstyle shaped in a heart J 2 – Face of a Baby looking down to have fun, be playful and smile at Life

'Angel' Cloud Over Florida Heralds New Pope Francis I (PICTURES)

Clouds that look like things

Cloud in the shape of a dolphin, Essex, Britain - 08 Jan 2013 Two white van men were left stunned after spotting an amazing dolphin shaped cloud leaping across the sky above the M11 in Essex. Matthew Sears, 22, was left open-mouthed when he spotted the marine mammal perfectly formed in a cloud above the busy motorway.

In pictures: Rare clouds observed

Lenticular clouds were also seen over the moors at Oxenhope near Bradford. Mr Hudson said: "The bigger the hill or mountain range the air travels across, the more spectacular the lenticular cloud".

Clouds are the most amazing love love clouds...specially the ones that are sooo low that you can almost touch them...ahhh the beauty...incredible clouds

Sammuel and Dixie's New Room - Part 1. The House Bed

After weeks of hard graft our house bunk bed for Sammuel and Dixie is finished! By far the most enjoyable bit was dressing it with all the lovely stuff we nicked from our shop! #ThisModernLife