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64 Ideas for Self-Care When Life Gets Hard

As much as we would like, there's no such thing as calm seas and smooth sailing forever. So here they are. 64 Ideas for Self-Care When Life Gets Hard.

36 Thoughtful Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas *Updated*

Playing Card Crafts Ideas: 52 Things I Love About You | Easy Thoughtful DIY Mother's Day Gift by DIY Ready at

The Happiness Jar - Transform the Next Year One Moment at a Time

I could dedicate a few pages in my journal to this. Write happy things on small pieces of paper, fold them in half, and tape/glue them there. Yep. Think I'll do this!

LOOK: These Stunning Disney Illustrations Will Make Your Heart Flutter

I have always said that there is nothing I love in life more than Star Wars except Disney (though now I don’t really need to choose anymore because they are one and the same thing – yay!) In ...

37 Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

10 Quotes to Remind You Why Fall Is the Best Season EVER

36 People Share How They've Helped Friends Through Their Anxiety

There's a difference between being #introverted, being #shy, and being #anxious. They are NOT synonymous; however, it's been shown that these traits often overlap. Being introverted means that you feel drained after social interaction. Being shy means that you find social interaction embarrassing. Having #socialanxiety feels more like panic. What about you? Are you introverted, shy, or anxious? Or all three? (I'm an #introvert with occasional #anxiety, but not usually shy.)

22 cosas que cualquier persona a la que le gusta la lluvia entiende