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In Bill Gates’ vision of the classrooms of the future, students are grouped according to skill set. One cluster huddles around a computer terminal, playing an educational game or working on a simulator. Another works with a human teacher getting direct instruction, while another gets a digital lesson delivered from their teacher’s avatar.

To Anyone Who’s Ever Written a Poem or Even Is Just Thinking about Trying It Soon: A list of DOs and DON’Ts

Good quote here by Justin Martyr on The Eucharist and Baptism (AD 165) “Too catholic to be Catholic?” A Response to Peter Leithart | Called to Communion

Darwinism Blown Completely Out Of The Water: Souped-Up 7-engine Hyperdrive Flagellum Discovered -

Great Sesame Street blog on how to keep teaching the ABCs in a relevant way. The montage of videos will make you smile!

Phil Plait, the creator of Bad Astronomy, is an astronomer, lecturer, and author. After ten years working on Hubble Space Telescope and six more working on astronomy education, he struck out on his own as a writer. He's written two books, dozens of magazine articles, and 12 bazillion blog articles. He is a skeptic and fights the abuse of science, but his true love is praising the wonders of real science.

My View: It’s never too late to begin flipping your classroom

"Flipping" the lectures for homework, and classtime for questions/problems. For teaching an AP English class...this could be interesting!