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I learnt a Parenting lesson while watching Masterchef

The important parenting lesson I learnt while watching Masterchef was that we need to give better instructions if we want our children to obey.

Winning Your Child's Heart: An Interview with Michelle Streeter

Want to win your child's heart? Here are some tips and advice for raising children so that they will still want to spend time with you when they are adults. Michelle Streeter is my guest on this post.

How to Love Your Children Well {IMC Day 46}

Does that mean that they, or I, are perfect, sinless people? Not at all! But now we're walking this beautiful, messy thing we call family in the love of Jesus instead of as adversaries. As my children see me set free, walking in vulnerability, confessing,�<i>and</i>�repenting of my sin instead of hanging on with brittle self-control, I see them letting down their guard and responding to the grace and mercy that Jesus gives - freely and...abundantly.

Do your Children know Themselves

Our children need to know themselves - they need to learn who they are and be okay with that.

Showing our Kids Empathy (Mummy Kiss it better

We need to show empathy to our children – not just to teach them – but because trying to be aware of and understand our children’s emotions is the loving thing to do.

Parenting the Annoying Little Things

Not all our parenting deals with the big stuff. Sometimes its the annoying little things we need to work on.

Parenting is the biggest challenge of our lives.I am convinced that,all by ourselves,we lose our parenting energy making it more difficult than it need be.

Stop saying Stop

If we could only stop saying "stop" to our kids and start telling them what to do instead, we'll be much more effective in our parenting.

7 Suggestions for Raising Your Children God's Way

It’s overwhelming. As parents, we begin to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. Even when we make a decision, we let thoughts of it being the wrong decision run rampant in our minds. However, I am also convicted God did not design parenthood to be this way. 7 Suggestions for Raising Children God's Way