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2. Kwakiutl Canoe in Venice, Italy: Walas-Kwis-Gila (Travels Great Distances) Canoe on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Canoe This traditoinal dug-out Canoe was made from a 500 year old red cedar log; it paddled on many journeys in B.C and Washington state; it traveled to Venice, Italy, where it paddled on the Grand Canal. Read more at:

Ellen Neel model totem pole features Thunderbird, Grizzly Bear and Orca. These are the main crests of the Neel family.

The legendary Bob Harris - #Native American #Indian Master Artist

Kindred Spirits - Kermode Spirit Bear

Western Painting - Kindred Spirits - Kermode Spirit Bear by Marion Rose

Moon Dancing by Marvin Oliver

"Beaver Box" by Doug Yeomans