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Checking off things from the bucket list…

Strip Clubs and Dollar Bills! Still got my money. Spidey goin' up and down that pole! Still got my money! Just tryin' to get MJ home! Still got my money.

Now This Is How You Make The Best Of A Broken Arm

"I broke my wrist, and got bored of the plain ole cast. So I decorated it..... Iron Man style." Omg if I ever get a cast I'm so doing this!

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Making The Best Of Every Situation

 It happens to the best of us - one drop of the phone, and BAM! Cracked screen. But some people won't just take it sitting down - no, they' ... View People Who Made The Best of Cracked Phone Screens" and more funny posts on Dorkly

When studying for finals…

Answer of Some of the best memes. For more check Proud To Be An NITian That one girl in ME Department True Story Engineering Girls Toppers CGPA Graphs First Then Readings. Before & After Coming To Engineering College. Source : Proud To Be An NITian