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Everything in this ad […] [is] merely [a] prop meant to fulfill a heterosexual male fantasy. With this advertisement, Sythna-6 delivers a low blow to both men and women by making assumptions about male sexuality and marginalizing women in order to sell an ambiguous sports beverage. According to their calculations, it is a man’s world, and a woman’s worth is based on how well they accessorize it.

Dove Cuidado Envolvente - Testamus - En este nuevo test, Dove está buscando 1.500 embajadoras para su nuevo producto Dove Cuidado Envolvente. Las 1.500 testamigas con más testa-tickets pasarán a la Fase3 y se convertirán en Pro-Tester del nuevo Dove Cuidado Envolvente. Para conseguir testa-tickets, os propondremos preguntas sobre el producto, sobre la marca, habrá nuevos juegos online y...¡mucho más! ¡No os perdáis todas las novedades! Contenido de la Testa-Box Dove Cuidado…

4-4-2013 Dont Fall For Thighvertising and Other Japanese Trends | Global News - Advertising Age

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