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How to Deep Water Tomato Plants Tutorial Garden Instructions Using Pipe With Holes Inserted Next To Tomato Plants

Drip irrigation- I do this every year and it works great! Especially during a long Texas drought- less water waste. The only thing that kept my plants going, and once the plants get growing they hide the bottles. Quick and easy way to fertilize too!

9 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds

Natural Weed Control...Cornmeal. Sprinkle on garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. It will keep any seeds from germinating so don't use in vegetable garden until plants are established.

Dividing Plants

Tips for dividing plants by Beauty and The time to divide most plants is in the spring or fall. There are a few compelling reasons to do this in[...] #gardentips

Columnar apple trees. I think I'll order a couple this spring. Maybe they won't even be dead in a year. Who knows?!