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Step My Green World ☛ Chronic inflammation and remedies. Thanks: Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance for the wonderful idea and source. We added some of our own remedies. FOR AN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR LAXATIVE REMEDY:

Shower Thoughts on

Ballet can be intimidating. Many of the movements are difficult and unnatural, but adult dancers don’t have to master ballet technique to build confidence. Everyone has the tendency to be hard on themselves in ballet class, but there’s no reason to...

Sleeping oil (2 oz, 60ml) Ideal for: • Increasing the quality of your sleep • Calming of your sleep • Calming your mind

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

has the best fitness workout programs, expertly-vetted and scientifically-based. Physical training tip for achieving an attractive physique.

Relieve Hard-to-Reach Upper-Back Tension With Yoga

That sweet spot between your shoulder blades can be a minefield for knots, stress, and tension — especially if you sit at a desk all day. Don't be so quick to shell out cash for a massage every time you're feeling tightness in this hard-to-reach

Your Guide to Digestive Health

Your digestive tract—a.k.a. “the second brain”—is a smart system that is acutely sensitive to your feelings. Here’s how to keep it healthy (and happy).

7 Yoga Poses for Common Health Woes

Regardless of your level, cultivating a home yoga practice is an option for everyone. Both beginners and more advanced practitioners will love this straightforward yoga sequence that builds a strong foundation and focuses on the building blocks of a good

7 Morning Routines for a Healthier Body

Part of an effective morning is refining your early-day routine. Here are seven simple habits to turn your mornings into an efficient launchpad into the rest of your day!

Stomach Flu Checklist: Top 7 Must-Have Natural Remedies

Stomach Flu Remedies Checklist: Top 7 Must-Have Natural Remedies. I especially love #1 and #4. Using the remedies on this list helped our family beat the stomach flu in less than 24 hours!