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Eggs, Liver Pate, Caviar, And Berries And Honey Dew: 6/26/14

Grav Lox, Eggs, Avocado, Spinach Salad, Berries And Pineapple: 5/2/14

Salmon and Avocado Omelet With Berries: 5/25/13

Duck Liver Pate, Eggs, Avocado With Salmon Eggs, And Berries: 7/23/14

Sweet Potato, Eggs, Avocado With Caviar, And Berries: 9/16/14

Eggs, Coconut, Berries, and Avocado with Salmon Roe: 10/6/13

Eggs With Curry and Sea Salt, Berries, Avocado With Caviar, And Bacon: 3/11/14

Eggs with Caviar, Bacon, and Berries: 10/17/13

Pate De Fois Gras, Eggs, Berries, And Avocado With Caviar: 9/30/14

Eggs With Salmon Roe, Liver Pate, Bananas And Berries: 3/7/14