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Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

Pretty wild right? This is the new version of the La Clef du Temps watch. From "La Clef" to "La Clé," funny enough they both mean "the key of time." The original La Clef du Temps was never originally meant read more...

Future Watches: 10 Examples of Engineering Magnificence

The La Clé Du Temps Watch looks like a watch of the future, but you can buy it now (if you have the money!). The name translates to “the key of time” in English, representing this watch’s unique functionality. It features a system to “stop time”, as the watch will stop at the press of a button. It doesn’t actually stop the world around you, but its intent is to allow its wearer to pause life. As soon as the button is depressed, the watch springs forward in time to the present moment