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Mia Farrow stars as a young newlywed and mom-to-be who, after moving into a spooky New York apartment, suspects her bun in the oven might be a son for a coven – that is, a product of black magic. Are her demonically charged suspicions true, or is it all her imagination? Based on the novel by Ira Levin, Roman Polanski’s horror classic deftly explores the psychological bind betwen paranormal paranoia and motherly intuition.

The Others - directed by Alejandro Amenábar... "Where's my daughter? What have you done with my daughter?" ... totally love the twist in this one...

A famous movie actress has amnesia after surviving a car crash and seeks refuge in the apartment of a hopeful young starlet. Together the women search for her forgotten identity and discover an alternate reality which includes a bizarre Hollywood love triangle and murder plot.

Horror films. - Wes craven RIP my favorite horror director. Your movies will scare the shot out of kids until the end of time.

This noir classic stars Lana Turner as a married woman who falls in love with a drifter (John Garfield). Together, they plot to murder her husband. In true noir fashion, things don’t turn out the way they thought they would and they have to live with the consequences of their actions. The film is based on the novel of the same name by hard-boiled master James H. Cain.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, “Coraline” is a stop-motion animated tale of a young girl who moves into an old house with her parents who largely leave her alone to explore the house. While exploring, Coraline discovers another parallel world with sinister secrets. Directed by Henry Selick , the film features the voices of Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher among others.

This dark comedy by the Coen Brothers, about a New York playwright who is hired to write a screenplay and then suffers through an intense bout of writer’s block, belongs to a long tradition of films which explore the ambivalent role of the screenwriter as a worker-for-hire in Hollywood’s dream factory.

The incredible true story of Rodriguez, the greatest '70s rock icon who never was. Discovered in in the late '60s by two celebrated producers, they recorded an album which they believed would secure his reputation as the greatest recording artist of his generation. The album bombed and stirred rumors of a gruesome on-stage suicide. Then a bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa where he eventually became a phenomenon. The film follows the story of two South African fans…