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Nick Cave & PJ Harvey - The wind did howl, and the wind did blow.... lalalalala, lalalalalee, a little bird lit down on Henry Lee...

Hello I'm James. I'm 14 and in the Nature realm. I have a older and younger sibling, leo and (anyone). I'm very shy. I don't have any friends so I hang out with my siblings and my wolf, Mars. I also get beat up A LOT. Uh yeah bye

Expressionist paintings by Nick Lepard | Decoration Article … BTW, FYI, FREE Gift Here: also, check out

Alexander McQueen: into the light

NICK THOMM x MERCY-MERCI at Chin Chin and Go Go Bar, Melbourne

Aardman you guys! - my characters sort of a claymation character and as such I can't tel what to do with his mouth. If I want to Aardman it or if I want to carve his mouth into his face and reconstruct it every time.