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5 Definitive Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

Here's how you can begin to tell your third eye is opening, and if you're making progress in your meditations.

A third eye kiss can be a deep healing experience. With a loved one spend a few minutes gazing into each other's eyes and then take turns to gently kiss each other in the centre of the forehead to activate the pineal and pituitary glands. The longer you continue the practice the deeper a strong sense of security intuition well being and clairsentient communication is experienced. This practice is found in many ancient scriptures and is renowned to open a gate that leads to inner realms and…

A 3rd eye kiss can be a healing & uplifting experience Kiss the centre of the forehead slightly above the space between the eyebrows with a thought of compassion for the person receiving the kiss. The kiss activates the pineal & pituitary glands awakening a sense of well being healing & joy for the person receiving it. Try it & notice the energetic shifts that begin to unfold. Taken from the YUSA Guide To Balance from the Mind section. The pineal gland is actually the remnant of a…

Opening the Third Eye: Powerful Ancient Practices for Activating the Pineal Gland

Master Daoist alchemist Mantak Chia shares 10 extraordinarily powerful ancient practices for activating the pineal gland and balancing your spiritual biochemistry.

How to Awaken and Open the Third Eye

Wondering why you can't access your Third Eye? You may need to detox it! We've found 8 ways to purify your pineal gland from calcification so you can start lucid dreaming, aura viewing, and manipulating energy in earnest! Try all 8 solutions via the blog!

Bhuta Shuddhi an Esoteric Tantric Practice

The practice of candle gazing has a number of amazing benefits, including opening up your 3rd eye (pineal gland), improved eyesight, focus, concentration and much more!