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Season Premiere Sneak Peek! See Pictures of The Carrie Diaries, American Horror Story and More

ELEMENTARY is back! To all the haters (like Cumber-b*tches-cookies-collectives-dolls-whatevers): If you don't like it...put a sock in it! I like Jonny Lee Miller too. I have enough love for both Sherlocks so, BRING IT!

Television review: 'Elementary' puts Sherlock, Watson in new light

Elementary - my favorite show - but this also fits the "uh-huh" men are known to give when someone is talking during the key play to the Saturday afternoon football game.

News: Which Actor Is the Best Sherlock Holmes?

All the Sherlock actors are great. It is a great character. Don't be so snobby about it-LOL it is JUST a TV show.

Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes) and Lucy Liu (Joan Watson) begin filming season 2 on the banks of the Lower Thames in London, England.