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Turns out hummus isn’t quite the super-healthy option we all think it is. A new report by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (sounds serious, no?) found that hummus often contains a LOAD of salt. As much salt as four packets of ready salted crisps, in fact.

Greggs is doing flat whites and Eton Mess donuts and no one knows what to think

The Eton Mess donut. Definitely not a health food. And only 80p too from Greggs, bargain.

Healthy Coconut Bars - These tasty coconut bars I made today have the same flavor as a Bounty bar but are FAR healthier and super easy to make!

Grilled Skirt Steak Gyros

This is what a pizza covered in gold looks like

Pizza Hut has answered all our wildest dreams and created a pizza made of gold.Perfect Super Bowl food?

Would you eat this 'unicorn burger'?

Now a ‘unicorn burger’ exists and it is being debuted at Vegan Life Live in London this weekend. Brick Lane-based artisan foodies, Pomodoro E Basilico have come up with what sounds to be possibly the most bizarre sounding burger ever. It’s made from a toasted coconut and beet bun which is then layered with peach and basil jam, avocado, a ‘unicorn patty’, banana chips, and peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

14 Super Bowl foods that took it far too far

From chicken wing cupcakes to football salami, people get pretty creative when it comes to Super Bowl food...