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I'm just another passenger traveling on these crazy high seas Very likely be the same in a Paris breeze. "Libby" by Carly Simon My Other Tumblrs: Contributor: See something you like? Click on the image to see where I found it! :)

Home Decor Photos: squish studio on fogo island/saunders architecture. Seems like the perfect little room to get away and do some work the structure of the building is a triangle, the building just a little bit over the sea, seawater come cross under the


Lighting is an important element on interior design projects. Choose an elegant chandelier, a vintage suspension lamp or a minimalistic ceiling light for your home. See some of the best suspension lighting and home design ideas at

Best Bed Room Photos: living rooms - brown beige pink yellow orange blue white wainscoting brown sisal rug baroque lamp jade green Chinese ginger jars pink velvet accent chairs black turned legs white Moroccan coffee table accent table yellow orange white


KITCHEN OPEN SHELVING ORGANISATING TIPS Sort by function Stock frequently used items at eye level Buy grains in bulk and pour them into glass jars Corral with baskets Label everything Add some life by incorporating small plants of kitchen herbs

Vintage Lot of Pink Plastic Melmac Melamine Type Dishes Serving Platter Serving Bowl Six Saucer Plates and Five Bowls

Vintage Pyrex Nesting Bowls Click here to download Download whole gallery Click here to download Download whole gallery Love Vintage Halloween.. Click here to download Download whole gallery Pink! Click here to download Download whole gallery

Gustavo Sanches - NYC 22 year old international model Photographer of lots of things Model backed by: Specimen MGT Fusion NYC City Paris Milan ↓ Click Links ↓ [ Home | Self Photos | About Self ] [ Ask Box | Photos I Take ] [ Instagram: ] [ Archive ] |

Leafy dining. Storage, A House and Garden Book, Melinda Davis, Pantheon Books, New York, Remember when everyone had tons of plants in their houses? -- reminds me of Studio Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle"-- very colorful.