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The Gili Islands are primarily known for 3 things: party, diving and snorkeling. But there are so much more things to do like surfing, view points, stick fights any more.

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#Sponsored Who's already thinking about #travel plans for the year? Does it skeeve you out to have your toothbrush out on a counter, when you are away from home like me? You need the @intellidentshield IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields to fight 99.9% of surf

When you happen to be the luckiest girl cause your big brother not only always has your back but also allows you to be yourself with no judgment whatsoever at all times. I'm so proud we got to laugh, cry, travel, teach eachother and fight (yeah that too was a lot of fun). Thank you. Happy birthday Tino @martinperrylutz |💕"I would love to be the next bond girl. I skydive, I do rock climbing, I surf. I definitely think I could handle that."

Povlija, Brać, Croatia || Get travel tips and inspiration for your visit to Croatia at http://www.holidaystoeurope.com.au/home/resources/destination-articles/croatia

Summer fun: a surfboard and a bike. Linus Dutchi-1 Bike. surfboard carrier. #anthrofave

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