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Preferred scratching post listed in my favorite book "Cat vs. Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett, feline behaviorist. Made out of Rough sisal mesh fabric, not the rope. Has incredible stable base and even has where you can order one with base covered in sisal mesh too! Also if later make post buy rough sisal fabric from rug manufacturers, try E-bay. This post has FAB reviews = a must get for kitties health and compatible living/SAVED furniture:)

Diy Cat Scratching Post

Why waste money on an expensive but inferior store-bought post? Make a better one! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a scratching post in under 120 minutes by constructing and woodworking with wood, drill, and trim. Inspired by cats. How To ...

DIY Indoor Cat Garden Tutorial

How to Make Your Own DIY Indoor Cat Garden #UltimateLitter (ad) Keep your cats safe by eliminating plants and flowers that are toxic to them with plants that are safe if they decide to nibble on them.

GPC-F17 Cat Scratching Post #$74.99 and free shipping!! Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. This scratching post can fit into any angle wall to save space and conveniently place it any where in the house. * 29.25 inch height allows cats to stretch fully and tone muscles * Base board size: 13.75 Dia * Scratching board covered by natural sisal fabric. I like how this tucks in corner and provides full stretch and uses sisal fabric!

We have one of these at each end of each couch, in different states of destruction. We also have a stinker who moves the scratching post out of the way in order to wreak havoc upon our upholstery.

We have no place for a scratching post for our 2 cats so...I thought, why not put it on the wall. Carpet stapled to the wall and trim out with chair rail. Some cat nip spray and they love it. We had the carpet remnant and the chair rail so it cost $0.

SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

I do more than half of my pet shopping at Amazon.  The site carries so much variety in almost all the things my pets need. If there's something I'm not sure about, I depend on the reviews of other pet owners to steer me in the right direction.  So, I