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Decoding the Cold War: A Professor Puts Legendary Spy Fiction on the Couch / Washingtonian

Born during the reign of James IV of Scotland, Sawney Beane & his wife fled from their village & began living in a cave. They spawned a family that - through years of incest - grew to 4 dozen members. Preying on unwary travelers, the Beane clan not only robbed but cannibalized their victims, salting & pickling the extra meat for the future. According to legend, hundreds of people were killed & eaten. A small army, led by the Scots king himself, rounded them all up & burned them all alive.

One of Hitler's early coups that went unanswered by the "Great Powers." German troops march into the Rhineland on 1 March 1936 reoccupying a region that was put under Allied control after WW1. German troops executed a walk and, presto, the Rhineland was German again! Talking about a game of chicken.

I found this book so compelling that I could not put it down. The story is based on a real book -- the Sarajevo Haggadah. But it so much more than a story of the survival of a particular book. It is in essence the story of survival of people. Not just the Jews, who are popularly known as the "people of the book," but of humanity in general. It is a book of hope -- that as long as good people exist AND take a stand the world will endure.

Unique Ceremonial Axe With Marks Of Legendary Viking Chief Rurik Discovered

"Cartier: Style and History," is a unique show in Paris telling the story of French luxury label Cartier

Controversial paper claims to present hard evidence of a legendary flood that put the Xia dynasty on the throne

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