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Buy ornaments (I used 50-60 plastic ones from Garden Ridge) and a 14" styrofoam wreath. Take the hangers off the ornaments and stick into the wreath to make the initial hole, then hot glue them. I started in the center and worked outward. Fill in gaps with smaller ornaments and hang with thick ribbon. It took about 30 minutes.

DIY:: Spring Chevron Wreath Tutorial: Supplies: -Wreath Form -Chevron Ribbon (Hobby Lobby and @ sites like Very Jane or Groopdealz) -Styrofoam Eggs -Burlap -Floral Pins -Hot Glue Gun How To @:

Ornament wreath made with wire hanger and yard sale cost about $1.50. Took about an hour to make though because I had to glue all the tops on the ornaments down. Everytime I'd get close to filling it balls would just POP off! Grrrr, but it looks fabulous now.

Christmas Wreath, Monogram wreath, Chevron bow, Holiday wreath

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