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Both of you are the two sides of a coin. One cannot exist without the other. You complete each other and life is good that way. Share this post to show the world which friend completes you.

Your friends are as crazy as you are. Share this to show how amazing your friends really are.

You have some amazing baes in your life. Your baes make life truly baeutiful, don't they? Share this with the world to tell them who your baes are.

ALL IS WELL! When you have friends who are exactly like you, life is well. It doesn't matter if you all are idiots, because it is only the idiots who change the world.

Your friends value your presence, and you will leave a deep gap in the hearts of the people who are close to you. Share this post to show the world how much you matter to your friends.

Your journey has been full of love and laughter. It has seen ups and downs but you carried on. Share this to show how beautiful your journey of life is.

Share the collection of all your best photos on Facebook. These photos show the true experience of your well lived life!

These are your first 3 photos on Facebook. Share it with your friends and loved ones.

<b>Nicajian</b>, this is your personal frame. Your photo combined with your name makes you look amazingly cool and elegant. Share this with your friends and let them know how incredible your name looks on your photo.

You and your friends are in a Mafia and you rule ythe streets with an iron fist. Your authority is unchallenged and your rivals are scared even at the mere mention of your name. Share this with your friends and let them know who was loyal and strong enough to make the cut in your Mafia.