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"CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — The ex-husband of a Castle Rock woman accused of killing the couple’s children fled the courtroom and vomited after dramatic testimony presented just before the prosecution and defense rested their respective cases this week."

"NORTHAMPTON — On her first visit to Northampton Tuesday as the newly appointed head of the state’s Probate and Family Court — a rare appearance for a chief justice, according to local attorneys — Judge Angela M. Ordoñez described two main goals for the future. “One is to minimize the burdens on court personnel,” said Ordoñez, 50, in an interview..... at the family court on King Street. “The second is to enhance the court customer’s experience when using the courts,”..."

Scotch Plains tragedy: Mother in custody dispute allegedly sets home on fire, killing son, herself

"SCOTCH PLAINS — A mother enmeshed in a custody dispute locked her 3-year-old son, the family dog and herself in a bedroom at her Scotch Plains home and set the room ablaze, killing all inside, authorities said Wednesday."

"Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 Judge Thomas Busch granted Gallo full custody of his children after he filed for divorce in August 2008. Gallo was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in December 2008. Their international custody dispute is an example of what the Office of Children's Issues of the U.S. Department of State refers to as international parental child abduction."

"A mother accused of starving her adopted daughter and leaving her outside in the cold was convicted of manslaughter and homicide by abuse in Washington state on Monday. Carri Williams and her husband Larry Williams were accused in 2011 of causing their Ethiopian teenage daughter’s death."

"(KTVI) – A Judge appears to have ordered silence in the case of a teen Dad who claims an adoption agency ‘legally stole’ his baby. The 16-year-old father says he can raise his baby, with the help of his family, but claims an adoption system and the courts are making it nearly impossible."

"It would help if Kimbrough's ex-husband paid his child support. It's $500 per month, almost the amount her husband sends to his ex-wife."

"....Sawyer Flache....described him as a good father to his two children....a recent divorce and custody battle had taken a toll."

"....Natrona County.....Freel said the family has been experiencing custody issues and that Jones did not have custody of Desiree. The girl was returned to her parents. Freel expected the Department of Family Services will become involved."

Where's the Amber Alert...all criteria has been reported by media???? "The estranged couple has had an ongoing custody dispute between them. Miami-Dade Schools Police believe the children are victims of an interference of custody case. Pena claims he hasn't seen his two youngest children for five months. He said Weingarth disappeared and kept them from him."