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Cool portrait :) by VahanDrnoyan

41 Adorable Animal Family Portraits That Will Steal Your Heart

Like a BOSS, the female matriarch of any family has to be fearless. Its a protection to the rest, maybe its not for everyone..., but I believe we are given information for a reason, its up to us to act on it. She also never abandons her family members...s

Spring and Geisha...Geisha are traditional, female Japanese entertainers, whose skills include performing various Japanese arts, such as classical music, dance and performance in front of customers.Apprentice geisha are called maiko. This word is made of mai in Japanese meaning "dancing" and ko in Japanese meaning "child".....

Prague#7 - null

family portrait - Happy New 2015 for everyone! follow my instagram: lelyamartian

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012: Part II

MURSI TRIBE (People) - At around puberty, females cut their lower lip and install a clay plate in the opening. As time goes by the plate stretches the hole and a bigger disk is put in. Those plates can easily reach 7 inches in diameter! Lower teeth are often removed to make the lip plate sit comfortably in the opening. (Photo and caption by Dmitri Markine/National Geographic Photo Contest)#