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4 Ways to Help the Child that is Scared {of the Dark, Monsters, Etc

How to help a child that is scared (of the dark, monsters or whatever else is on their minds!) Four ways to encourage your child and help them handle their fears.

Helping Your Older Child Adjust to the New Baby

A New Way to Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes

An incredible NEW way to teach your child to tie their shoes. My kids learned in a mere 5 minutes. You must see this tutorial! At for rest I was wondering of this 'new' way, but I love this! its just that you just need an extra finger all the time.....

Does Your Child Always Need the Last Word in Arguments? Here is What to Say.

I love having a phrase like this to use when my son. It helps so much with a child that always needs the last word in an argument.

12 Uses For Coconut Oil on Your Child (and One For Nursing Moms)

Coconut oil is the It oil right now, and the good news is that there is no harm in getting your little one in on the amazing potential this oil has to offer. While we appreciate coconut oil as a beauty must-have, your child may also benefit from its

Teach Your Child to Choose Friends Wisely

Teach your child how to choose friends wisely NOW. I especially like the questions to ask your child about each friendship listed in #6.