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Way too many type styles and typefaces are being implemented in this design.

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One day this will be my tattoo with my significant other. Mine will be in his handwriting, and his will be in my handwriting. Perfect. ❤️

Giambattista Bodoni start designing typefaces and type layout. Characteristic of bodoni typeface is Narrower and more condence letter forms, makes lighter typographic style to show elegance. He's established rule: Type created through limited, identical units. He focus more on function and forms of letter. He creates 300 type faces. In 1880 Bodoni's manual type published.

Use with Imagery. Where the circle appears like a mark that has physically been stamped on. Could the for of the circle or stamp change in relation to context. E.g. medicine may have a clean or solid circle where as research and testing documents...where work still needs to be completed the circle is broken up...almost like a stamp...maybe you only see part of the circle