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SETTING Inmaculada Concepción academy was the place when Minerva found out the secret of how Trujillo became president. It was the place that had a great influence in why Minerva became a communist and fought remarkably to bring Trujillo down. Inmaculada was also the place where Maria found out about Trujillo's ways, it was an important place because many discoveries were found.

Step 3: One symbol in the story that struck out to me was the rabbit Minerva compared herself to. Minerva didn't want to be caged like a rabbit she wanted to have freedom to make her own decisions. Step 4: A allusion that I noticed in the story was how they always referred back to a scripture such as “Up ahead were three white crosses marking casualties from a recent accident” (291). Which reminds me of Mark 10:45 when Jesus was willing to give up his life for a cause he believed in.

The Muppets take Annie Hall. "Love is too weak a word for what I feel. I lurve you, you know. I loave you. I luff you. Two Fs."

APOSTLE ST JAMES THE LESS - Saint James the Less (the Younger), author of the canonical Epistle, was the son of Alpheus, the brother of Saint Jude and a cousin of Our Lord, whom he is said to have resembled. Saint Paul tells us that he was favored by a special apparition of Christ after the Resurrection.

Doubting Thomas, also by Carl Bloch. The artist places you in a time of tremendous emotion and draws you into the painting as if you were there. Brilliant!

“How to draw fancy banners... #TheRevisionGuide_HowTo add these to your notes and your notes would instantly become more interesting :)…”